Give Back, Get Back

Being self-employed has many ups and downs: The upside being the opportunity to do a greater variety of projects like music videos, BTS, sizzles, short docs, and book trailers in addition to corporate branded work. It's challenging, exciting and causes me to grow as a filmmaker.

The downside is the lack of consistent, full-rate work.  Which, to be honest, happens more than I'd like.

One of the things I've done when I'm feeling the anxiety that comes from not knowing when I'll land the next job is to do a pro-bono project. Channeling my creativity and knowledge through projects that give back to the community helps me stay positive about my own future. 

Please take a look at this short video I recently finished for Jovenes, Inc.: a non-profit that works to make a better future for at-risk youth by combating homelessness.